Wolf Den Club #103



We currently have nine family members with children between the ages of seven and nineteen.  You are only asked to have fun, be adventuresome, and somewhat  motivated.  And, follow NAFCA’s 7-C’s of camping; Care, Caution, Courtesy, Cleanliness, Cooperation, Conservation, and Common Sense.


We’re always looking for new members.  If you join our club, you are required to join North American Family Campers Association (NAFCA).  You can check out the NAFCA website at:

There are two club chapters in Connecticut; Wolf Den #103 and Mattabessett #86.  Wolf Den Chapter includes members from the Northeast corner of the state.  Mattabessett Chapter has members from the western side of Connecticut. 


We camp any where they’ll accept us.  There are no restrictions to where we travel.  We like to do occasional “themed,” camp outs, and try to camp as often as possible with our sister club, Mattabessett # 86. 


We have a annual Spring Safari in May hosted by NAFCA, and a Fall Frolic hosted by a Connecticut Chapter, and we alternate chapters each year.


We have meetings a couple times a year. 

We have a Christmas Gathering with a Secret Santa Swap.

We have a winter trip to Cape Cod with entertainment.



My wife Kim, and I joined Wolf Den in 1999. We were sponsored by the Goodwin's. I became President in 2010.
We were sponsored by Wilfred and Renee Harwood.  I became President in 2003.  Wolf Den’s presidents before me are my stepping stone to where we are today.  I learned much from each of them.  I often seek advise from our two longest family members; the Harwood’s, and the Taylor’s.  As I seek advice from them, my knowledge and experience continues to amaze me with the history of our club.  The club does not function without the help of our members.


We continue to bring in new members each year to join.  Our current members are a tremendous group of people.  Great friendship, good conversation, and fun loving.  One BIG happy family!  I encourage all to join a camping club to experience a life time of enjoyment that cannot be explained otherwise. 


READY TO JOIN?  Questions and/or Contact Info:     

Jon Gibbons, (860) 779-6460 or 

2010 Campouts

Sept. 24-26, 2010 - CT Fall Frolic hosted by Wolf Den #103 at Ginny B, Foster, RI

Campout Pic’s

Butch, John & Sam working on Blind Auction Bags - 2011 Mattabessett at Fire - 2011

May 2011 - Wolf's Den - Memorial Day Weekend NAFCA Spring Safari - Greenfield, MA - May 2011

Corn Maze - 2011  


Our Officers

Jon Gibbons – President

Kelly McLaughlin – Vice President

Arlene Goodwin Secretary

Bruce Bressette – Treasurer

Dave Taylor – Board of Director

Renee Harwood – Board of Director

Kim Gibbons – Board of Director

Bruce Goodwin – Board of Director

George McLaughlin – Board of Director